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Published on August 20th, 2012 | by Pernicious Kiss


1. Happy Birthday Pernicious

It’s not true what people say, that I’m angry all the time. Sometimes I’m as bright and sparky as a shooting star. Like, say, after crushing a triple shift of stomping around on some dodgy rock, finding exactly what I came for, and crawling back aboard the ship alive. Bonus time, kerching kerching!
Or: when said bonus gets insta-beamed into my account and there’s enough—well, enough leftover after helmet repair costs—to send my mom a surprise check. I know she struggles. Most people back on Earth do.
Or: when I’m curled up in my cubby later, so lost in my book that the flimsy gray curtain separating me from a dozen dozing redshirts feels as solid as a real door. No, a wall. A stone wall.
Or, especially: when the mail arrives while I’m reading… and there’s something in it for me.
“Gotta letter here for Pernicious Kiss!” the courier says in his squeaky pubescent voice, and from behind the gray castle wall of a curtain I hit pause on my scrolling e-reader and shudder as an involuntary chill runs down my spine.
My god, it’s been a whole year again.

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